The A200 Drinking Water System

A high capacity prefilter protects the system's membrane and other components by
preventing small particles or aesthetic chlorine from entering the system.

reverse osmosis module forces water through a semipermeable membrane,
significantly reducing heavy metals and compounds such as lead and cysts like

A non-corrosive
storage tank stores your drinking water so it's available on demand.

carbon postfilter gives the final polish to your water by reducing unpleasant tastes and

A special,
lead-free faucet mounts easily on your sink to dispense your drinking water.

A200 Drinking Water System Highlights.

Quick Disconnect Filter Cartridges make filter changes easy and sanitary.

High Performance Reverse Osmosis Membrane produces higher quality water at a faster
rate, so the water is ready when you need it.  The system certified daily production rate is
higher than most other reverse osmosis systems.

Automatic Shutoff conserves water by shutting off the system when the storage tank is full.  
Production is automatically reactivated on demand.

Space-Saving Design offers a variety of installation options.

Quality Construction and advanced technology provide reliable, low maintenance operation.  
The K2 Drinking Water System is covered by one of the industry's longest and most
comprehensive warranties.
The majority of Kinetico products are certified by third-party labs such as NSF and WQA.  To further ensure consumer
confidence, several or our models are certified by two or more of these independent labs, which is unprecedented in
the industry.  For specific claims and certifying labs, refer to performance data sheets or consult your local Kinetico
Protecting The
Water You
K2 By Kinetico
Third Party Validation