Monthly Service
Are you tired of having to regenerate your filter?  Are the bags of salt getting too heavy?  
How often do you forget to regenerate and are only reminded when your water isn't clear
or is starting to smell?

Call our office at (561)753-7700 and we can schedule you for Monthly Regeneration
Service.  Whether you need service every 8 or 12 weeks or twice a month, we can
schedule the Monthly Service to meet your needs.  Just remember equipment needs to
be maintained every month to get optimum efficiency and to preserve the life of the media
in your tanks.

How much is the service?
There is a service charge and the cost of the supplies we use for your system.  Those
supplies would include salt, tan-x, sediment filters and any chemicals used in
regenerating your equipment.  You're only charged for what you use.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, just a Regeneration Agreement so you know what our service includes and we know if
you have a gate, animals or special instuctions for our technicians.  Our service can be
stopped at anytime or put on hold if you leave town.

If my equipment is broken do you fix it?
No, our monthly service technicians do not carry the necessary parts on their trucks for
repairs.  We will notify you if our technicians see a problem and call you to schedule a
regular service call at a reduced rate.

Do I have to supply the salt and chemicals?
No, we have fully stocked trucks with all the salt and chemicals you need. We will take
care of everything for you.

What if it's not Aqua Soft's equipment?
Call us, we can service most brands.

Call today and ask for Dana to schedule your Monthly Regeneration Service
You'll be glad you did!
We can
schedule our
for your