Q: My water pressure is decreasing, why?
A:  Try changing out your sediment filter outside.  When they get clogged they will decrease your water pressure.  
This is very common on new wells.

Q:  My water has a smell in it but only in the hot water and not in the cold?
A:  This is very common, the problem is in your hot water heater.  Inside hot water heaters is a long magnesium rod,
an "anode" rod.  This rod is in place to help protect the inside of your hot water heater.  Hot water heaters are glass
lined and the anode rod helps prevent corrosion where small cracks can form.  The only problem is that when the
anode rod breaks down it causes a rotten egg smell in the hot water heater.  The only way to stop the smell is to
pull out the anode rod.  Pulling the anode rod can void out your hot water heater's warrantee but it is the only way
to stop the smell.   After pulling the anode rod don't replace it as it will only do the same thing.

Q:  I was told that I need to start using Tan-X, what is it and why do I have to use it?
A:  Tan-X is a natural citric acid that is added to salt in the salt tank.  It is used to prevent getting build ups in your
control valve.  It is recomended for preventative measures.

Q:  For health reasons I was told I should watch my sodium intake.  Does my softener add salt to my water ?
A:  The amount of salt that your water softener adds is about the amount of salt you would find in 1 slice of bread
(this is if you drank your 8 glasses of water a day).  We also do sell a potassium based non-salt that you can use in
place of salt, it works the same in your unit.

Q:  How often do I have to change the filters in my under the sink drinking water system?
A:  Some systems shut down after so much water is used but regardless you should change the filters once a year.  
If you are a snow bird then it is recommend that you chance them when you get back into town.  We sell the filters
in our office and they can be easily changed.  You can also call us and we will come out and change them for you
for a service fee plus the cost of the filters.  We do recomend that you clean out the housing with bleach.

Q:  Why do I need to add Hydrogen Peroxide to my sulpher guard?
A:  We recommend the use of Hydrogen Peroxide instead of chlorine.  The use of chlorine can create THM's
(trihalomethanes) which is a by-product of chlorine.  It's simply safer.

Q:  I started to notice black like sand in my water or the water has a gray look to it, why?
A:  Chances are that you have a carbon filter and it is in need of a rebed.  That is when the carbon is changed out.  
You can call the office and schedule this or if you or your spouse is handy you can stop by the office and we can
show you how to change it yourself.  We even have a handy rebed stick that we rent out that will greatly help you.

Q:  Why does my glasses get a scrached up look (etched)?
A:  The problem is in the dishwashing soap.  Most dishwashing soap contains sodium tripolphosphate, a agent that
helps to soften the water for cleaning.  However if your water is already soft it enhances the alkalinity and causes
etching.  Try changing over to a different type of detergent, some are lower in phosphates.

Q:  My well water has changed, I now have a rotten egg smell in the water (or iron, or salt),  I have had my well for
many years, why is this?
A:  Sometimes when we have a change in weather (lots of rain or no rain) can cause the water table to change.  
People find that the problems that they had at one time are gone and new ones arrive.  In some cases when the
weather changes back to normal the problem will go away, its a wait and see.

If you are still having a problem please give us a call at 561-753-7700.  We can
help you out over the phone or we will be more than happy to send out one of
our service technicians to evaluate your water problems.  You can also stop by
our show room at any time and we will be more that happy to test your water
for free.
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