If you had to guess how much water a day you drink what would the number be?  Sadly to many do not drink enough water a day and don’t realize their body is getting dehydrated.  As I’m typing this up I know I also need to up my daily intake.  I ran across this story this morning when I turned on my computer and it did make me giggle as I read this woman’s journal of her daily challenge to drink a gallon of water a day. *

woman with water

Credit: Photo: Pexels

What Happens When You Drink A Gallon of Water A Day? 

Day 1: I’m peeing every 15 minutes. How in the hell am I supposed to get anything done?

Day 2: I did not think it was physically possible to pee more than I did yesterday (21 times), yet here we are, 23 times. Additional instances of bodily rebellion include an afternoon of mild nausea and a slight headache.

Day 4: I didn’t feel like a 70-year-old woman when I got out of bed this morning. I deep-cleaned my house with the stamina of an old-school Disney princess. Is water the magical cure for the generalized fatigue my doctor insists is not a real thing?

Day 5: Yes! Water is life! I no longer hobble into my day with my feet and spine curled up like dry leaves. I thought this experiment would be miserable, but I totally get it now. (Though to be clear, water—even filtered water—still tastes disgusting without flavor enhancements.)

Day 7: Can we talk about how good I am at yoga right now? My hamstrings are much more flexible, and my back bends with ease. Even better, I have energy afterward, and I’m not horribly sore the next day.

Day 10: A switch to water that’s been ultrapurified by reverse osmosis (plus “carbon polishing” and UV sterilization) has proved revelatory. It’s fully palatable and delicately sweet, without a hint of chlorine. I’m now the proud owner of a refillable three-gallon jug.

Day 14: I crave water first thing in the morning instead of coffee. I don’t recognize myself anymore.

Day 19: The peeing has decreased to ten times per day. I’m still acutely aware of how much water I’m flushing down the toilet, so I’ve donated $30 to Charity: Water, which funds clean-water projects in 26 countries.

Day 24: My massage therapist confirms that my muscles and fascia are noticeably looser. She’s shocked to learn that before this, in the two-plus years she’s been trying to fix my body, I had been drinking barely any water.

Day 32: Oops, the month is over and I didn’t even notice—hydration is routine, and I’m loving it. Am I going to keep guzzling 128 ounces every day? Not unless I’m sweating buckets. But you better believe I’ll keep sipping on glorious, ultrapurified water like my well-being depends on it.

Being in the water business I do get what she is saying about water tasting funny VS a great glass of water.  I am also picky and fully enjoy a cool glass of Reverse Osmosis water.  At Aqua Soft we sell both under the sink Reverse Osmosis systems and Whole House Reverse Osmosis systems.  Give us a call 561-753-7700  and we can show you how to better your health with better water!

*Disclaimer:  We are not telling everyone they should drink a gallon of water a day.  Please consult with your doctor to discuss how much water you should consume prior to taking any challenge.