Does drinking softened water affect your health? You may have found many different answers to this question, ranging from uncritical praise to dire health warnings. Is it safe to drink softened water? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest myths about softened water and get to the truth of the matter. 

The myths of softened water

It is natural to be concerned about a decision as important as how to treat your drinking water, and how it will affect your health. It is best to put your mind to rest by examining the most common myths about water softening. Here are two of the biggest:

  • Softened water prevents the body from absorbing nutrients. There is a strange belief out there that the chemical process of removing certain salts and other chemicals from your water somehow causes your body to be less effective at absorbing essential nutrients. The truth is that water softening is a process that acts on the water itself, not on your body. Its removal of minerals from your drinking water has absolutely no effect on your body’s ability to absorb these and other minerals from other sources. 
  • Salt-based softeners add too much salt to water. This common myth is far from the truth. The fact is that water softeners add only about 50mg of salt to every liter of water. That is a minimal amount of sodium. If you drank two liters of water a day, you would be getting less than 10% of your recommended daily salt allowance from your water.

The truth about water softeners

Considering these two common myths about softened water, we can conclude that the opposite is true. 

  • Water softeners have no effect on your ability to absorb minerals. Plus, most of the minerals that are removed from water with softeners are readily available in most staple foods.
  • The amount of salt in softened water is negligible. 50mg of salt per liter of water is an exceptionally low concentration of sodium chloride. Even if you are on a sodium restricted diet, this amount is not going to cause any problems, especially if you are reducing your salt intake in your food as well.

Softened water is a healthy option and installing a water softening system in your home is a great choice that yields considerable benefits for you and your family. 

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