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Aqua Soft Water Systems Inc. is an Authorized independent Kinetico Water Softener Dealer for Palm Beach and Broward County


Our dedicated sales staff is here for all your Kinetico water needs to find the right water treatment options for your water problems and within your budget.

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Efficient and effective performance of a Kinetico Water Softener System for challenging water conditions

• Non-electric operation for reliable and economical performance
• Prevent stains and scale buildup on water-using appliances, fixtures and clothing
• Use fewer cleaners and detergents, yet enjoy a cleaner home
• Protect skin and hair from the damaging effects of hard water

Kinetico Water System Highlights

  • Non-Electric Operation: Moving water powers these systems, not electricity, so operation is simple and reliable. There are no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace.
  • Works on Demand: Systems meter water use and regenerate based on actual usage. You won’t waste water or salt, yet you’ll always have clean, soft water whenever needed.
  • SmartDisk™: Set to accommodate your specific water conditions.
  • Soft Water, Countercurrent Regeneration: You’ll enjoy the benefits of improved system efficiency and water quality thanks to Kinetico’s superior regeneration process.
  • Twin Tank System: One tank is always in service, even during regeneration, for an unlimited supply of clean, soft water.
  • Efficient Hardness Removal: Get the water you want in your home without sacrificing savings and convenience.
  • Effective Iron Removal: Removes soluble iron* from water.
    *Depends on the type and concentration of iron and other water conditions.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty: Rest assured, we stand behind our products.

Experience the ultimate Kinetico water softener with the Kinetico 735 water softener – contact AquaSoft Palm Beach today!

Kinetico Signature series 735
Independent Laboratory Certification
Kinetico Signature Series Water Softeners are Tested and Certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI 44, NSF/ANSI 372, and CSA Standard B483.1 for specific performance claims as verified and substantiated by test data.

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Kinetico Home Water Systems

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Aqua Soft water systems provides residential and commercial Kinetico water systems, including water softeners, reverse osmosis filtration systems, and other water filtration devices for residential and commercial use.
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