If you’re concerned about pollutants in the tap water you drink, you’re not alone. But if you want safer, cleaner water, bottled water isn’t the solution. Your best choice for cleaner, more beneficial drinking water is filtered tap water.

Here are reasons why you should say no to bottled water.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, tap water costs about $.002 per gallon and a liter of bottled water costs about a dollar. That means you’re paying about 2,000 times more for bottled water. The cost of a drinking water system pales in comparison to bottled water over the life of the system.


“Laboratory testing by EWG has found all sorts of nasty stuff in popular brands of bottled water – disinfection byproducts, industrial chemicals, prescription drugs and even bacteria.” A Kinetico K5 drinking water station can eliminate nearly everything from your home’s drinking water that isn’t water.

The Bottle

“An EWG investigation found that PET plastics – the kind used to make plastic water bottles and marked with a “1” code on the bottom – can contain dozens of chemical additives, manufacturing impurities and breakdown byproducts.” That’s more than 80 additional contaminants that could be leaching into your water.

The Trash

Plastic water bottles clog landfills, harm wildlife and pollute waterways. In fact, the marine conservation organization Oceana estimates that up to 20 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans each year.

Let Aqua Soft help you break your bottled water habit.

Aqua Soft carries a full line of Kinetico drinking water systems, water softeners and whole-house water filtration systems. Find out more about Kientico systems offered by Aqua Soft including the Kinetico Premier Series, Kinetico Signature Series, Kinetico CP Series and Kinetico CC Series.

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