Salt is crucial to your water softener system. It not only provides safe, clean water but helps with the water softening process. Read more about the importance of salt for water softener systems below.

Why use water softener salt?

If your water softener system fails, your dishes won’t be cleaned properly, your appliance will break down and your drains will be left stained. Failure usually results in chemical imbalances and improper working parts. Salt and its sodium is needed for water softener systems as it helps working parts through the use of ion exchange. A softener water system removes calcium and magnesium from water and replaces them with this sodium ion. Without sodium ions, your water will overfill with calcium and magnesium ions – which apart from its reaction to a detergent, can cause water softeners to fail over time. Salt, therefore, allows sodium ions to successfully clean out your water softener.

When to add salt to your water system

You should check your water softener tank monthly to ensure that there is salt. Depending on your water softener and consumption, salt may need to be added monthly or less frequently . If you forget to add salt or if you don’t add salt for a while, hard water ions will get into your pipes, drains, and other appliances. As stated, these ions can cause damage over time, as well as reduce your quality of water. If your water softener does not use a lot of salt, adding too much salt can cause salt to bind together in your tank. To avoid this, stick to the required amount of salt and consult an expert or your manufacturer if you need help.

Types of salt

There are different types of salt you can use for your water softener system needs. The type of salt will depend on your water system. You should consult an expert should you not know which type of salt to use. In general, there are popular types, including:

  • Water softener salt crystals 
  • Water Softener salt pellets
  • Specialty salts

Is the added salt in my water softener unhealthy?

The amount of sodium that your water softener system adds to your water will depend on the system but in general, the amount is too small to harm health. The amount of salt added to softener systems is therefore minimal and would not pose a health risk to you or your family. Although the water may be safe to drink,  a reverse osmosis (RO) system is probably best for you. RO systems remove sodium and other contaminants from water, providing clean and safe drinking water.

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