Reverse osmosis is one of the most popular water filtration systems. 

This filtration system is also known as hyperfiltration and is commonly used by premium bottled water companies. 

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technique that uses a semi-permeable membrane (synthetic lining) to allow water to flow through it, while simultaneously filtering out unwanted molecules, particles, contaminants and sediments like chlorine, salt, and dirt. This way, your drinking water is as pure and clean as possible. 

Many people invest in reverse osmosis water because the water produced tastes and smells good, it’s more environmentally friendly than bottled water, and the system is easy to install and maintain.

Here are four other key benefits of reverse osmosis water:

Reverse Osmosis is Highly Effective at Removing Contaminants

A reverse osmosis water system usually relies on four to five stages of filtration. These stages include steps like:

  • Prefiltration: A carbon filter and sediment filter are used to remove sediment and chlorine.
  • Filtration: Water flows through the membrane while tiny, dissolved particles are removed.
  • Tanking: The drinking water flows to the storage tank where it will remain until it’s needed. The system will continue to produce filtered water until the tank is full.

Reverse osmosis can remove around 98% of these contaminants from your drinking water:

  • Chloride
  • Sulfate
  • Calcium
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride

The fresh water produced is called the permeate while the leftover water is called the waste or brine. 

Reverse Osmosis is Energy Efficient

Reverse osmosis systems rely on the water pressure in your home. As a result, these systems don’t require electricity to function. 

On the other hand, water purification systems like distillation rely heavily on electricity and heat, which can increase home expenses.

Reverse Osmosis is Cost-Efficient

Installing a reverse osmosis system in your home can also help you reduce your living expenses, especially if you often buy bottled water.

Having a simple osmosis water filter system in your home’s water supply is a more affordable option. 

And depending on how much water your household uses, you might even be able to save hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars every year.

Reverse Osmosis Provides Clean Water on Demand

Another drawback of using a distillation system is that it requires considerable input from the homeowner. As a result, you’ll need to refill the tank to keep up with your home’s water usage and needs. 

Fortunately, with a reverse osmosis filter system, homeowners won’t need to interact with the system at all. The filter connects directly to your faucet and will provide clean, drinking water whenever you need it. Who knows, you might even forget that there’s a system in place right under your kitchen sink!

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