Hard water can cause a lot of issues in your home, but how do you know if you have hard water? There are some symptoms to look for that will point to hard water. By looking out for these symptoms, you can decide whether it is time for a water softening system and which system to get. Here’s how to tell if you have hard water coming out of your taps.

How to tell if you have hard water

How do you check for the signs of hard water? You could live or work in areas with hard water and not even know. If you find yourself searching for answers to “how to know if I have hard water”, we have rounded up some symptoms to look out for to make your search a lot easier.

  • There are signs of white spots around your taps. These spots indicate mineral buildup. The minerals are what make water hard but too much of these minerals cause scum and spots.
  • You find soap scum on your dishes. The soapy residue is another sign of mineral buildup.
  • Your skin feels drier and itchier than usual and you have no medical conditions or other explanation behind it.
  • Your clothing has lost its color and is not as clean as it used to be after a wash.
  • Soap doesn’t lather like it used to, even if you are using a lot of soap.
  • Has your hair lost its shine? Your water may be to blame.
  • The taste and smell of your water have changed. 
  • Your appliances are starting to wear out.
  • Your skin doesn’t feel as clean after a shower.

Why does hard water have negative effects

The reason behind the negative effects of hard water is the high mineral content. Hard water has a lot of minerals and ions added to it. These minerals combined with soap can cause a lot of issues for your plumbing, your skin, your hair, and even your appliances. 

The ingredients in most detergents and liquids that you commonly use to wash your dishes and clothes won’t lather as well with hard water. As a result of this, you’ll probably end up using more liquid than you need spending a lot of money per month. 

It is the same with soap used in your bath or shampoos. The ingredients do not mix well with hard water. You may also notice your skin and hair become drier or you don’t feel “clean” after a shower. Hard water prevents your soap from lathering well and may leave a residue behind. It can also cause skin irritation in some cases. Your hair and skin will start to feel shinier and cleaner over time when you soften your water.

How to eliminate hard water

The best way to fix all of your hard water problems is by getting a new water softener. A water softener will help to ensure that you receive clean, freshwater throughout your home or office. With a brand new system, such as the Kinetico water softener system, you will experience the water as you have never experienced before. Your hair and skin will look shinier and your dishes and clothes will clean much better. You also won’t be spending tons on dishwashing liquids and soaps. 

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