While water is in the ground, it picks up soluble bits of whatever it passes through including minerals found in the earth. Calcium and magnesium are 2 minerals that affect the water’s ability to function in our homes. These minerals make our water hard.

Water softeners use a process called ion exchange to soften water. Small plastic beads called “resin” hold ions of sodium or potassium. When a dissolved rock ion is near them, they will exchange the sodium or potassium ion for the dissolved rock ion. When all the resin in your water softener is saturated with dissolved rock ions, they are “recharged” with a saline rinse. This rinse purges dissolved rock ions down the drain as the resin grabs sodium or potassium ions again. The result of this process is clean, soft water.

Hard Water Facts:

85% of homes in the United States are in hard water areas. Water is considered hard if it contains a concentration of hard water minerals, like calcium and magnesium, higher than 17.1 mg/L.

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