Does a Kinetico water treatment system live up to its claims? Here, we discuss the different Kinetico home water systems and how they work.

Life is better with Kinetico water

With over 1.2 million Kinetico systems in operation, Kinetico water is a leading provider of home water systems – and for good reason. Kinetico products are engineered to provide high-quality water and water treatment solutions. These systems use reverse osmosis technology to purify water into fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The Kinetico system does this by removing harmful substances, excess ions, and contaminants. The result is water that tastes better and is better for your clothes, skin, and plumbing. 

Kinetico has 3 range of products:

  • Kinetico’s water softeners

Kinetico’s water softeners work using non-electric technology to remove hard minerals from water. These minerals cause dry skin, oily hair, soap scum, and other water issues. When you use these water softeners, your water comes out clearer and your appliances will last longer.

  • Kinetico’s drink water filtration systems 

Kinetico’s filtration systems help to get rid of the contamination from the effects of chemical and naturally occurring substances. A water filtration system purifies the water you drink for your whole family, improving the quality of water you are using daily.

  • Specialty solutions

Kinetico provides specialty solutions to help you to produce good quality water for you and your loved ones to use and consume. These specialty solutions include

  • Specialty Solutions
  • Arsenic Guard®
  • Calcite Backwashing Filter
  • Carbon Backwashing Filter
  • Chloramine Reduction System (CRS)
  • Dechlorinator
  • Macrolite® Backwashing Filter
  • Neutralizer
  • Powerline™ PRO Series Filters
  • Scale Reduction System (SRS)
  • Sulfur Guard™ Backwashing Filter

How to maintain your water softener system

Kinetico water systems are easy to maintain. Here are some tips to help you to keep your Kinetico water system functioning effectively for years. 

  • Use the right amount of salt

Too little salt can cause dirt to build up in your system and too much can overflow in your system. Contact your manufacturer to determine how much salt you need to add to your system. 

  • Use the right salt

Pellet salt and solar salt can cause different issues if not compatible with your system. Choose the right salt carefully by speaking to an expert and using only Kinetico products. 

  • Always clean your brine tank Clean 

Clean the dirt from your brine tank regularly to avoid your water system breaking down or having potential issues in the future.

  • Change your filters when needed

Filters need to be changed regularly to prevent them from getting clogged up. Not changing your filter regularly can result in costs down the line as your system can experience costly damage. 

  • Have your system regularly maintained

Regular maintenance ensures your water softener system functions optimally. Some systems notify you when it is time to replace parts but it is best to get your system maintained at least once a year. 

Does your home or business’ water softener need servicing?

Proper maintenance helps your Kinetico system from breaking down. If your water pressure is slowing or your water does not seem as clear as it was, your water system may need servicing. Aqua Soft provides service for all Kinetico home water systems. Our service technicians are fully trained in all areas of water treatment and they can test your water and recommend the right treatments. 

Give our technicians a call for help with our Kinetico home water systems.