What water treatment do you need for your household water supply? Do you need to soften your water, or filter out potentially toxic contaminants? Some people opt for a reverse osmosis system, thinking they can perform both of these tasks. However it is more complicated than that. Read on to discover the respective benefits of these two systems.

Will A Reverse Osmosis System Soften Water?

Reverse osmosis systems filter your water to remove the majority of contaminants and make it fit for consumption. It physically removes these contaminants by forcing the water through a filter. The water passes through, while the rejected minerals and other substances are left behind. Since the majority of chemicals are removed from the water, including those that make the water hard, a reverse osmosis system will, in effect, soften your water, but it does so much more than that. 

What Does A Reverse Osmosis System Do?

A reverse osmosis system is designed to purify water by physically removing substances that contaminate it. Dissolved minerals are excluded from your water supply by the use of a membrane that filters out everything but the water itself. It does not use any chemicals at all in its purification process. The water that comes out will be soft, but it will also be free of other chemicals as well. 

What Does A Water Softening System Do?

A water softening system does not filter the water and does not purify it of any harmful substances. All it does is condition the water through a chemical process, replacing magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ones. If your water is relatively pure and potable but has high levels of magnesium and calcium, meaning they cause damage to your plumbing and linen, then a water-softening system is probably what you need.

Do I Have To Buy Both Systems?

In most cases, it is not necessary to get both systems. If your water supply needs an RO system, you have such a system installed, knowing that it will also soften your water. On the other hand, if you only need to soften your water, then RO is not necessary – a water softening system will do the trick just fine. Assess your needs first, then consider your budget. It will quickly become apparent which system you need.

Both systems are environmentally friendly, and both will soften your water and save you money on bottled water. Both can be installed at either the point of entry or at the point of use. One thing to consider is that RO systems produce a lot of wastewater – water softeners do not. If your water supply is heavily contaminated with chemicals other than magnesium or calcium, this waste is a worthwhile cost, but if you only need to soften your water and want to reduce your waste then a softening system is ideal.

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