There are many types of water softeners with many benefits. When choosing a water softener, you need to consider which is best for your home, workspace, or budget. Learning about water softening systems, and their purpose will help you to make a choice. No need for extensive research. We have a guide to the types of water softeners and how they work here.

Ion exchange water softeners

Ae ion exchange water softener uses an ion-exchange regeneration process that removes minerals from hard water (such as calcium, iron, and magnesium). Through this ion exchange, the water softener exchanges the minerals in the water for sodium. The result is fresh, clean drinking water. These reverse osmosis systems need to be regularly topped up with salt to effectively regenerate clean water. It may require more maintenance but this is well worth it for the quality of clean water you will receive.

Ion exchange water softeners are best for small locations, homes, and locations with excessive hard water supply. Many homes use ion exchange water softeners to purify their drinking water and remove hard minerals. The water however not only creates cleaner water for drinking but also removes minerals from bath water and showers that tend to dry up hair and skin. Water is also cleaner for washing dishes and overall home use.

The Kinetico Premier Series is an example of a water softener system that uses an ion-exchange process. It uses dual tanks and a quick regeneration cycle that supplies an unlimited amount of clean soft water for the entire home.

Dual-tank water softeners

Kinetico 2060 seriesA dual-tank water softener is a salt-based softener. It uses two resin tanks to filter out calcium and magnesium ions, leaving a fresh supply of soft water. A dual-tank regeneration cycle occurs in one tank, while the other tank is used to supply fresh water. 

The use of two tanks makes it handle a greater capacity of water for the regeneration cycle. The system is therefore ideal for bigger homes, buildings, and areas supplying water to a lot of people.

An example of the dual-tank system is the Kinetico Signature Series which uses a twin tank system to regenerate water based on the water usage in a home or building. One tank continues to work through the regeneration process to provide an unlimited supply of clean, soft water.

Magnetic water softeners

Magnetic water softeners are similar to salt-free systems, except the system does not completely remove hard minerals, but neutralizes them. Even though it does not provide complete removal of hard minerals, this system is used as it is affordable and uses a magnetic field to provide drinking water. 

The major disadvantage of magnetic water systems is that hard minerals are not removed, which prevents a high-quality supply of great-tasting water. If you are looking for an affordable water system that does remove ions and impurities, the Kinetico Powerline Series water softeners are the most reliable solution. The systems remove hard water and iron without removing much money from your bank account. 

Choosing a water system is a great choice for you, your family, and everyone who has access to the drinking water you provide. You can visit our range of Kinetico water softening systems to find one that works for your home. 

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