Hard water can create buildup in pipes, but will water-softening systems help? If you are considering investing in a water softener, you will not regret it. Soft water can have many benefits, including saving your plumbing fixtures from expensive damage down the line. Here’s how a water treatment solution can help your pipes.

What Type of Buildup Can Be Removed Using Softened Water?

Hard water has water minerals such as chunks of calcium and magnesium that cause a scale buildup over time. The mineral build-up causes clogged water pipes. You may notice plumbing issues such as leaking faucets or low water pressure. Other signs that point to hard water issues include: 

  • A bathtub ring 
  • White spots on your glasses and dishes
  • Skin irritation and itchy skin
  • Damage to appliances that you can’t explain or higher energy bills

Water hardness can cause damage to the metal found in pipes. If you have an older home, your pipes are more prone to damage, as many of these homes use older plumbing systems and a lot of metal components. You may choose to use drain cleaners to remove mineral buildup, but remember, this is only a temporary solution. You’ll have to constantly clean and unclog your pipes. As long as you have hard water, mineral buildup in drains is unavoidable. 

If your pipe is completely clogged, the only fix is to replace it. However, if you want to fix minor clogging issues and prevent expensive repairs or replacements, you are going to need water treatment systems. Water softeners remove hard water minerals, which will in turn prevent water calcium buildup and the buildup of limescale. Imagine all the plumbing expenses you will save!

How Long Will It Take?

A water softener will gradually dissolve the existing scale buildup. The time it takes will depend on how much build-up your pipes have endured. Limescale that has been building up over the years can sometimes take a while to remove from your system. The water softener will, however, immediately remove minerals from your water that are causing the damage. Over time, you’ll have clean water in your pipes and never have to worry about the negative effects of hard water again.

As we mentioned, you won’t see results within a few days as long-term buildup needs to be fully dissolved, but here is an estimated timeframe you can expect:

  • Your water softener will start removing the existing mild scale buildup within two weeks
  • The buildup in your kettle should be gone in around four weeks
  • Your water heater should be free of buildup for around six months
  • For extreme buildup cases, your entire plumbing system will be free of scaleup within two years 

Will Using Softened Water Reduce the Amount of Cleaning Products I Need?

A water softener has many cost-saving benefits other than helping you with your clogged pipes. You can say goodbye to high energy bills and excess cleaning products after installing a water-softening system. Softened water will clean your dishes and clothes much better than hard water ever could. You’ll start to notice less limescale buildup and white spots on your dishes, bathtub, and appliances. As a result, there will be no need to wash your dishes twice or scrub your bathtub several times a week, which means you’ll be using less soap and detergent. Let’s not forget, soft water will give you healthier skin and hair, so you’ll probably save money on skincare and shampoo too!

If you want to solve your plumbing issues and see the benefits of water softeners, speak to the team at Aqua Soft Water Systems. We have many different types of water softeners, and our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the best one for your home.

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