Water filtration has made several strides over the years and the reverse osmosis (RO) system and its benefits are easily one of the most fascinating. It is used in homes and restaurants across the world for efficient and cost-effective filtering of water.

Reverse osmosis involves filtration through a semipermeable membrane that can sift particles that are bigger than 0.01 micrometers. This includes a range of bacteria, compounds, sediments and particulates.

Aqua Soft Palm Beach explains the benefits of a reverse osmosis system and how it helps in a home or commercial setting.

Better tasting water and food

Unfiltered water can be rampant with minerals such as magnesium or sulfur that lend a foul taste or smell. Having good-tasting food and water in a home should not be an option, but a necessity. With an RO system, you can have better-tasting, high-quality water throughout the year. Did you know an RO system can eliminate 95 to 99% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water?

Having great-tasting water in your home can also encourage the family to drink more water and water-based beverages, which is also great for health.

Health benefits of reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis water is considered purer than unfiltered water, providing substantial health benefits to those drinking it. Read on to find out more.

Harmful compounds

Several water systems across the United States are riddled with several harmful compounds such as phosphate, arsenic, mercury, chloride and many more. These can cause several issues such as organ complications, reproductive issues and eye diseases. Thus, before drinking the water, it is recommended to use a testing kit to check if it contains these contaminants. On the other hand, water that smells like rotten eggs may be an indicator of the same. Installing an RO system to remove these compounds is the answer.


Did you know lead is one of the most commonly found contaminants in the US water system? When pipes undergo corrosion, lead is formed that enters the water stream. Lead is highly dangerous and can lead to fertility issues, developmental issues, brain damage and muscle damage. Using an RO system at your home or as a public solution to the issue of lead contamination is imperative in protecting human health.

Parasites and bacteria

An RO system can remove parasites such as cryptosporidium that causes diarrhea and intestinal issues in young children. Other waterborne parasites such as giardia, which can be fatal in children if not treated, can be eliminated with an RO system.

Safe for patients

Patients undergoing complicated treatments such as radiation have weakened immune systems and exposing them to contaminated water can lead to severe health issues. Thus, using an RO system to purify their water of any harmful compounds or microbes can keep them safe.

Save money with reverse osmosis system

Many people who live in areas with unfiltered water end up buying bottled water for safety and better taste. However, installing an RO system eliminates the constant need to buy bottled water, saving you time and effort in the long run. No longer do you have to wait outside grocery stores to fill up your jug or subscribe to water delivery services. 

Now that we have caught your attention, contact us at Aqua Soft Water Systems for more information on the benefits of using a RO system.