Choosing a water softener can be difficult if you are a first-time user. A water softener system is a good investment. It will change the quality of water in your home and improve your health. There are certain factors that may affect your purchase choices, such as your space and budget. Don’t know which water softener systems to choose from? Whether you are shopping for a new water softener or looking to replace an existing one, take a look at some considerations below to help you choose the right water softener.


The amount of water your home or office space uses will affect your decision. Higher capacity systems can effectively remove ions from large amounts of hard water. It is estimated that a family of 4 can use up to 300 gallons of water per day. If you have a bigger family or your space use more water, you may require a higher capacity softener. The location also affects the capacity you require. If you live in an area with high levels of hard water supply, you will also require a higher softener capacity.

An example of a water softener system that is perfect for homes and locations with severe water challenges is the Kinetico Premier Series. It provides an unlimited supply of clean water throughout your entire space without any hassle.

Available area

Consider the available area and space for installation. Water systems can take up a large of space and this may be an issue if you have a small home. A system that is too big may cause plumbing issues such as leakage and wastage of water. The installation will also be an issue if you don’t have a lot of space. You should therefore buy a system that fits your available space.

Purchasing the Kinetico CC Series will ensure you get a water treatment for your home space. It is a compact system ideal for space restrictions. The system is easy to install within a compact floor space.

Bypass valve

A bypass valve helps you to turn off the water supply of your water softener which is essential during maintenance or if you experience any hard water problems. Most valves are included with the system but you need to consider the space for its installation, and accessibility. 

If you need easy installation and flexibility with a bypass valve, the Kinetico CP Series

is a good choice for you. The set-up and operation are flexible and the system comes with corrosion-resistant valves and tanks for harsh environments. 

Regeneration cycles

The regeneration cycle involves an ion exchange process that removes hard minerals and ions from your water such as calcium, and magnesium. Your water softener needs to regenerate regularly to produce a clean water supply. Regeneration may occur every few days and lead to costly expenses if you choose a system that requires more salt and regeneration time. You can choose a system with regenerating properties that fit your budget but also helps you effectively remove hard water ions.

Aqua Soft Palm Beach supplies affordable and effective ion exchange water softeners with excellent regeneration properties. Choose from a water system that won’t cost you a fortune, such as the Kinetico CC works which reduce operational costs. For minimal regeneration time, the Kinetico Essential Series operates more quickly than single-tank softeners. For maximum efficiency, the Kinetico CP Series conserves water and salt, while eliminating hardness. 

Speak to our expert water softener team for help with choosing a water softener system for your home or office!