The water we get from our tap seems ok, maybe a little chemical smell or a little color. But is it safe to drink? Most of the impurities in the water are undetectable to sight, smell or taste, but could still be present. The water municipalities are required by the Safe Drinking Water Act to test for certain contaminants and publish the results. In a recent article in the Miami Herald, it stated  “Other major problems violated rules on cancer-causing disinfectants, high levels of coliform from human waste, and lead and copper that exceeded safe limits.”

Aqua Soft Water Systems is prepared to make your water safe in the event you are experiencing unsafe levels of contaminants. As your authorized Kinetico Water Systems dealer, we have the solutions to reduce the contaminants and make your water safe to drink. We offer a full line of water treatment systems that soften the water, reduce chlorine, bad smell, color or any other concerns you may have.

Read more here: Miami Herald

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