Water hardness can cause a lot of issues but how do we test water hardness? If you’re wondering how to test water hardness, we can help. Learn how to test your water hardness here and why you should take care of hard water ASAP.

How to test water hardness

Water hardness is determined by the amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium in the water. There is an ideal water hardness level that is normal but if your water has too many chemicals, it can cause many issues. Hard water can make your hair and skin look dull and damaged. Your appliances might break down sooner than expected and you will find your soaps don’t lather well. Let’s not forget all the soap scum left behind on your freshly washed dishes and clothes.

Testing water hardness can be tricky if you are not an expert. Here are some tests you can do to check if your water is hard water.

1. Water bottle test:

  • Fill a clear water bottle with water for about two-thirds to the top. 
  • Add about 10 drops of soap (ensure the soap has no dyes or detergents).
  • Shake the bottle.

If there are a lot of bubbles, your water is soft. If you have no bubbles or little bubbles, you have hard water.

2. Hard water test strips

  • Purchase a water hardness test strip at a hardware store. 
  • Dip the strip in your tap water.
  • Take note of the color that your strip changes to.
  • Refer to the kit to match the color.

3. Consult municipal reports

  • Consult your municipality for a water hardness scale.
  • Check your water against your area’s water hardness chart.
  • Look for the city’s annual water report.

Partner with water softening experts

If you find that you have hard water or if you live in an area with high levels of hard water, it may be time to invest in a water softening system. As stated, hard water can cause a lot of potential problems for your hair, skin, and appliances. It does not just cause unsightly soap scum to appear on your dishes or leave your clothes looking dirty, but it can lead to costly problems down the line. You might find yourself needing more soap or shampoo to create a good lather, which will lead to more trips to the store. You might assume your appliances have broken down or aren’t working effectively and find yourself buying more expensive appliances. 

How do you take care of hard water? Simple, you need a water expert. A water expert will determine if you have hard water in your home and the level of hard water. If hard water is causing issues in your home or office, an expert will advise you on choosing a water treatment solution. A water softening system, for example, Kinetico water systems, can help to quickly turn your hard water into soft water by cleaning and purifying the water you use and drink every day. 

Not sure where to find a water treatment expert? Not to worry, the experts at Aqua Soft Water Systems are all certified and trained to handle all hard water problems. We will assess your home and advise you on a water treatment system that will soften your water and leave you with a fresh and clean water supply. We’ll even help you to install your water system and to provide effective maintenance. 

Call the experts at Aqua Soft Water Systems for help on how to test water hardness!