Soft water, or water that has been filtered to remove harsh minerals, has become more desirable as cities put more additives in their water systems. Soft water is water that doesn’t contain harsh minerals and dissolved salts like calcium, iron, and magnesium. High amounts of these minerals can lead to health issues and damage your home’s sinks, faucets, boilers, and clothes. On the other hand, soft water isn’t harsh on your hair, skin, and clothes. It also won’t damage your home’s plumbing systems or clog your pipes.

And while soft water is safe for human consumption, can your household pets consume it too?

Can You Give Soft Water To Pets?

Not everything that humans drink and consume is beneficial for animals.

So can pets drink hard water?

Some vets believe that hard water can lead to health issues in animals due to the high levels of minerals and chemicals in hard water. Softened water lacks harmful chemicals and has a smoother texture and a more neutral flavor when compared to hard water. And while most pets can drink softened water, it can cause some health issues for dog breeds with cardiovascular problems or pets on a low-sodium diet. However, if your pet doesn’t suffer from any cardiovascular issues and isn’t on a low-sodium diet, it’s safe for them to have softened water in their water bowl!

In fact, softened water can also provide them with some health benefits.

The Possible Benefits of Soft Water

Bathing your pets in softened water will add more volume and shine to their coat. And since softened water doesn’t contain harmful contaminants, your pet’s skin will also feel softer and more moisturized. Soft water also balances the pH level in your pet’s fur and requires less product and fewer rinses. This way, you can save time and money in the long run. In fact, groomers sometimes also use softened water when bathing their client’s pets.

The Negative Effects of Hard Water

Hard water can lead to shampoo and minerals getting stuck in our hair. This build-up often makes our hair look dry, bittle, and flat. Har water can also lead to hair loss and split ends. Unfortunately, the same can happen to your pets’ fur. 

Unsoftened water can also lead to urinary health issues in pets. According to Trupanion (a veterinary medical insurance company), pets living in areas with extremely hard water were three times more likely to have urinary issues. Moreover, magnesium (which is found in hard water) can expedite the growth of urine crystals and struvite stones.

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