Ready to experience the clean freshness of soft water or reverse osmosis systems? You’re going to need a water treatment company that provides you with excellent service, as well as high-quality water treatment products. When choosing a water treatment company, there are some important questions you should be asking. Finding out information about the company will help you to ensure you receive the best products for your money. Not sure where to start? We can help. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a water treatment company.

Are you a reputable water treatment company?

A water treatment company of your choosing needs to know what they are doing. You should check the company to ensure they are an authorized dealer, have testimonials and years of experience with water treatment. Using a company without the experience and credentials will be risky as you cannot rely on them to adequately maintain your water system. They can sell you unreliable products, or worse yet, not be in business any longer.

A sure way to know that a company such as Aqua Soft is reputable is due to our years of experience and expert service technicians. Our company has been successfully providing water treatment solutions, water treatment products, and services since 1972. We are an authorized Kinetico Dealer for Palm Beach & Broward County with testimonials to prove our expert and reliable service.

Do you provide reliable and certified products?

You can only rely on the best products when it comes to water treatments. It is a long-term investment that is meant to bring you clean water for your household needs. Are the products that the water treatment offers reliable, certified, and are guaranteed to provide clean and safe water for your household, skin, and hair? Are there different models to choose from? You need to be able to choose systems that work best for your home and your budget.

For example, Aqua Soft provides Kinetico Water Systems which have a ten-year 100% parts warranty. There are also different models to choose from so that you can go through the range and find one that’s suitable for your home.

Are you promptly available should I require repairs?

If your system has a malfunction, or should you require repairs, you are going to need a water treatment company on standby. You shouldn’t have to wait a month to get your water system repaired and repair companies should provide you with parts if needed. 

Here’s where Aqua Soft comes in with our water equipment services. If you need repairs, we are available 365 days a year during business hours. If you have an emergency, we can reach after-hours too. We also have a monthly regeneration service for optimum efficiency of your tanks.

Other important questions you should ask:

  • Do you supply the salt and chemicals needed?
  • Do you offer brands outside of your company’s brand?
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
  • How much is the service and do I pay a monthly instalment?
  • Do you offer specialty treatment systems and reverse osmosis systems?

When it comes to expert water treatment services, Aqua Soft has the skill, experience, technicians, and products to do the job. We supply salt, specialty water treatments, reverse osmosis systems, and much more. No contract is needed and you can choose between a monthly fee or services when needed. Do you need to buy a product that doesn’t require maintenance right now? Browse our range of products and decide what’s best for you and your home or office.

Choose Aqua Soft as your water treatment company, contact us today!