Is it time to add a new water softener to your life? If you are having issues with your water softener, it’s time to examine whether it should be replaced or serviced. How do you know if you should replace it? Here is how to tell when it’s time to get a new water softener. As a bonus, we also have tips to help you to extend the life of your water softener. Read on for more info!

Maintain or replace?

Is it time for a new water softener tank or will maintenance be enough? First, here are some signs that point to your water softener experiencing issues. All of these signs point to you needing a water softener replacement or maintenance.

  • Does your water have a slight change of taste? Scale buildup can cause your water taste to change so it’s important to take note of this issue.  
  • Is your soap not lathering the way it used to?
  • Do your clothes feel rough after a wash?
  • Are there spots or streaks of water left behind on your glassware after using your dishwasher?
  • Is your hair looking dull?
  • Check for signs of soap scum which is the most obvious clue behind water softener failure. 

If you answered yes to these questions, don’t rush for a water softener tank replacement. Try to do common maintenance first, like salt regeneration or cleaning out your brine tank. 

When should I replace my water softener

How long does a water softener last? It will depend on your water softener system. You may want to consult your manufacturer or an expert. Unfortunately, all systems need to be replaced eventually to ensure you receive fresh, clean drinking water. If you have done maintenance checks on your system and you are still having issues, it’s probably time to replace your water softener. 

Tips to extend the life of your water softener

  • Water systems need a salt generation to put out fresh water. You need to add softener salt to the resin. Consult an expert to find out how often you need to do this to keep your softener system working well. 
  • Clean your brink tank regularly to prevent the buildup of scum and grime.
  • Ensure that salt bridges don’t form. You’ll need to ensure that you are not using too much salt and that you are using the correct salt for your water softening system.

The best way to increase your water softener lifespan is through regular maintenance with service experts. Aqua Soft Palm Beach has the best water softener technicians that are available to provide routine maintenance of your system to keep it working for longer. 

Don’t wait until your water system breaks down. Speak to our team about our maintenance service and tips to help you to save money on expensive repair costs down the line. 

Not sure how to replace a water softener? We can handle that too. Should your system break down or need replacement, we will help you to pick out a water treatment system that is best for your home or office (and budget).

Whether you need a new water softener or maintenance for your water softener, contact our team for assistance and we’ll happily help you out!