With deepest part of summer here, the excessive heat requires us to keep hydrated. What do you drink? It is recommended drinking 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day. The question is what is in the tap water you may be consuming? An excerpt from an article in the Sun Sentinel read…

“When most Americans drink a glass of tap water, they’re also getting a dose of industrial or agricultural contaminants linked to cancer, brain and nervous system damage, developmental defects, fertility problems or hormone disruption”

Aqua Soft Water Systems has the proven technology to reduce many contaminants that may be found in our municipal water supply. Teamed up with Kinetico Water Systems, we offer state of the art technology tested and certified to reduce more contaminants than other systems on the market. Call us today for a no obligation water test by one of our highly experienced water specialist.

More Information at : Sun Sentinel

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