The need for top quality water is clear. Have you considered installing a drinking water station in your home or office?

Health experts and medical professionals have agreed on one thing over the decades and through the nutrition debates: humans need hydration in the form of eight glasses of water daily in order for the body to perform optimally. While the water that is supplied through our faucets is monitored and tested regularly for contaminants, there are many elements which remain undetected, affecting the taste, smell and quality of the water.

Here in Florida, we have had problems with our drinking water. Just two years ago, over Memorial Day weekend 2021, the city of West Palm Beach issued a warning to residents not to drink the city’s water due to unusually high concentrations of cylindrospermopsin toxins present in the water, a poisonous substance caused by a bacterium in algae. (West Palm Beach draws its drinking water from surface waters, and not from the aquifer situated beneath Florida’s limestone foundation, like most communities do.)

Because these dangerous toxins cannot be boiled out of the water, the city handed out bottled water, and later decided to add chlorine to the drinking water, causing a bleachy taste for a while.

There are alternatives.

Compact Drinking Water Stations

A compact drinking water station for your home or office is a great way to get your daily quota of clean and safe drinking water. It will provide access to purified water for drinking, cooking, and any other purposes. The station uses filtration systems to remove impurities from the water and make it safe for consumption and far better tasting than the hard water that comes from your faucet. Compact drinking water stations are more cost-effective and better for the environment than bottled water.

Features and Benefits of Drinking Water Stations

People generally do not want to slow down to rehydrate and often favor sugary drinks over water. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated so that your kidneys have to do less work and the benefits of the drink kick in almost immediately. Providing easy access to good drinking water at a drinking water station makes it convenient for your co-workers or family to reap some of the many health benefits of drinking water, including digestion and weight loss aid, detoxification of the body, regulation of the body temperature, protecting the kidneys, alleviating headaches and promotion of heart health.

Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

A drinking water station offers people purified, softened water without superb taste. With easy access, it is both convenient and affordable. Stations should be setup set up at a high-volume location and don’t take up very much space at all.

The Kinetico K5 drinking water station is a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system that significantly reduces chlorine and other contaminants in your drinking water. Its intelligent design will add a convenient and economical element to your home or business premises, giving you and your staff or loved ones a steady supply of high-quality drinking water.

The K5 uses three standard filters. One removes chlorine, one removes other contaminants including metals and nitrates, and the third works on taste and odor. 

Its convenience extends to maintenance. Filters only need to be replaced annually or when the flow of reverse osmosis water slows down or halts completely or when you notice scale buildup.

When it comes to water softener systems for your home or office, Aqua Soft can supply your Palm Beach premises with the perfect water station for your needs. Contact us today and reap the benefits of pure, soft water provided by our drinking water filter systems.