Well water is susceptible to hardening. If you use well water and are experiencing the signs of hard water, such as scale building and its effects on your clothing, dishes, plumbing and water heater, you may want to look into softening systems for well water. Why make the investment to soften your well water? Here are four benefits that make softening systems worthwhile.

Less Scale and Scum Buildup

Removing calcium, magnesium and other metals from your water will stop the build-up of limescale and soap-scum. This will make your dishes and kitchen appliances look better, and ensure that your plumbing and water heater last much longer and work more efficiently.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Hard water causes hair and skin to dry out. When you soften your water supply, you will notice that the health and appearance of your skin and hair improves rapidly.

Save Money on Soaps and Detergents

Hard water prevents soaps and detergents from dissolving fully in water, which means that personal hygiene, laundry and washing dishes are more difficult tasks. With softened water, you will use less soap and will not have to work as hard to get things clean.

Fewer Stains on Dishes And Laundry

One of the most common pains experienced by users of hard water is its effect on dishes and laundry. Dishes experience build-ups of a white, chalky film that is difficult to remove. This can also happen to clothing, but the most common effect on your laundry is premature fading and graying, as well as a deterioration in the quality of the fibers. When you use a water softener, all of these signs will quickly disappear.

Longer Lasting Appliances

Limescale builds up in your appliances over time, which not only affects their appearance, but lowers their lifespan too. By investing in a water softener, you can keep your appliances running for longer.

Better Tasting Water

Hardness does not affect the potability of water, for the most part. It is usually quite safe to drink hard water. However, it does give water a taste that many people find disagreeable. A water softener will remove the offensive-tasting chemicals from your water, making it more pleasant to drink.

If you do have a problem with hard water, a good water softener will take care of the problem. Aqua Soft Water Systems Inc. Authorized independent Kinetico Dealer for Palm Beach and Broward County. Our dedicated sales staff is here for all of your water needs to find the right water treatment options for your home. If you would like to know more about softening systems for well water, contact us today.