With the deterioration of tap water and growing concern about plastic pollution, it’s probably time to consider installing an office drinking water system for your employees. Single-use plastic bottles are not only a menace to the environment, but they have even been outlawed in certain areas. 

Adding an office drinking water station will mean access to clean, filtered water for your staff and visitors. Not to mention that a quality water supply in the workplace leads to innumerable health benefits too.

You Provide Your Staff with Safe Drinking Water

Staying hydrated through the workday is important for your staff’s wellbeing so providing them with a constant supply of filtered drinking water is an essential benefit. Many office workers are desk-bound for most of their day, so having a steady supply of fresh, great-tasting drinking water really helps staff to stay hydrated, productive and healthy.

Water helps with many of the body’s functions. It keeps us hydrated, helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, flushes waste and helps to regulate our body temperature. Staying hydrated also helps maintain healthy, lubricated joints as ageing takes its toll. Constant hydration is imperative for your skin to stay radiant and moisturized – especially when working in an airconditioned environment. These are just a few of the health benefits you can help your office staff with by supplying water drinking systems in your office.

Less Plastic Waste

Roughly 33 billion pounds of plastic end up in the ocean every year. We know that Plastic harms marine species, even hurting and killing endangered species. It breaks up into microplastics which fish eat, and the humans ingest, leading to health problems for humans too. Plastic is one of the biggest climate issues that the average person can really make a huge difference with.

Many environmental groups are pushing for the government to pass federal policy to reduce plastic pollution with the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act. By drastically reducing our consumption of single-use plastics, we can help save our beautiful planet – and specifically our magnificent Florida coastline. According to Usa.oceana.org, “92% of registered Florida voters are concerned about single-use plastic products, as well as plastic pollution and its impact on the environment (91%).

Installing an office water drinking system will mean that your organization is playing its part in solving the plastic pollution problem.

Office Water Has a Cleaner Taste

A water dispenser provides great-tasting soft water for your staff and visitors too. Serving tap water to clients and other visitors is simply not good enough. Serving cool, filtered water can leave a better impression on a visitor. A water drinking system can thus be considered an image investment too.

Water Drinking Systems Require Minimum Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze with the Aqua Soft water system. For your water softener to run optimally, check that your salt level is correct. Changing your water into soft water can result in white residue on fixtures – alluding to a high salt level. Resin should be replaced at frequent intervals to ease the ion exchange process. Iron, sediment, clay, sand, and other substances found in tap water can clog or damage the water softener. A pre-filter could alleviate this and even prevent it from happening by removing contaminants before the water reaches the water softener.

Hire a professional to check your water softener monthly or annually, depending on the volume of water you are consuming. 

Get in touch with Aqua Soft Palm Beach to find out how we can help you supply clean, soft drinking water for your entire organization with an office drinking water station.