Soft water is great for hair, skin, and overall health. Here is the best way to soften water so you can reap the benefits that soft water brings.

How to tell if you have hard water

Hard water is found in your tap water. It contains excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium and possibly other contaminants which gives it its hardness. Those white marks or scum around your dishes or bathtub are likely the result of hard water. The lack of foam produced by your soap is another sign of hard water. Don’t worry, as hard water is not dangerous to consume, but it can be tough to clean and have an unpleasant taste. Not to mention, the chemicals in hard water can also cause higher energy bills as your appliances have to work harder to clean your dishes and clothes. The excess mineral residue can also dry out your skin and hair. 

Problems that point to hard water:

  • Dry hair and skin regardless of moisturizing
  • Your soap won’t lather when you are bathing or showering
  • Dishes remain dirty or have water spots even after repeat rinsing or using a dishwasher
  • Slime or build-up on pipes, taps, or appliances
  • Water that has a chemical taste

How do you soften water naturally?

Water softening can be done naturally although this may take a lot of time, energy, and possibly money in the long term. You also need to tackle specific areas of the home separately to soften the water supply in each room. If you have the patience for this, here are some tips you can use:

  • Use bottled water instead of tap water in each room
  • Purchase water bottles with water filters 
  • Boil the kitchen water that you use for drinking and washing food
  • Install a shower filter or filter for your bathtub 
  • Have your pipes professionally clean to remove build-up from occurring

Ion-exchange water softening

An easier way to soften water is to invest in an ion-exchange water softening system. Reverse osmosis systems remove the chemicals found in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium ions, and replace the water with soft water ions such as sodium or potassium. The water regeneration process is the best way to easily filter out hard water chemicals and provide clean water for drinking, showering, and household use. 

There are many types of Ion-exchange softeners to choose from such as dual-tank systems which have a high water capacity, perfect for bigger families and buildings or homes requiring more water use. There are also compact systems that won’t require much space and are affordable. You can choose from a quality range of Kinetico water softener systems that is particularly designed for your water use, budget, and space. 

Purchasing a water softener system is a good investment as it cleans out the water for your entire home or workspace, meaning you will no longer have to spend loads of money on water bottles, or waste hours boiling water for drinking. 

Some other benefits include:

  • You will save thousands of dollars on detergents and laundry as your clothes won’t have any residue left behind from hard water minerals 
  • You won’t need to shampoo and moisturizer multiple times a day as your hair and skin will start to look and feel much healthier 
  • Your soap will lather much better with soft water, saving you more costs
  • You won’t find residue or scum on your dishes 
  • No need to spend money on water filters or plumbers as the system will automatically filter out clean soft water throughout your home or office

Purchase a Kinetico Water Softener, the best way to soften water, by contacting us today!

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