A water softener is a system that removes certain minerals from water to purify your water. It is essential to service your water softeners to ensure that your water stays clean. Servicing your water softener system can also extend their useful lives, but how do you know when it’s time to service your water softener? Read on for the answer on more info on servicing your water softener system.

How often should I get my water softener services? 

You need to get your water softener serviced regularly to ensure that it is purifying your water correctly and that all units are working optimally. If you have a water softener that is older than 15 years, you may need to clean it sooner than later. It is recommended that you get a professional to check your water softener at least monthly, if not yearly. The service time will depend on your water softener systems. Kinetico water softeners, for example, won’t require too much servicing by a water treatment professional as they are quite strong and reliable. 

Needed maintenance 

Here are some of the water softener maintenance that a professional will do to ensure you receive high-quality water.

  • Salt checks 

If your tank is dry, it probably needs a refill. You can use any salt but certain salt, such as block salt, isn’t good for water softeners. A professional will ensure that you are using the right type of salt for your system and recommend the best salt. The salt in the brine tank usually only needs to be refilled every two months but a professional might recommend that you do it more often depending on the amount of water you use or your system. 

  • Cleaning the brine tank

The brine tank can have dirt lodged into it or have salt blocked up which can cause damage in the long term. A professional can clean this out easily for you and provide you with advice to prevent issues with the brine tank.

You can clean the tank yourself using soap and a broom handle. If there is mold on the water softener system, you can use a water softener cleaner. Consult your manufacturer for details on the products to use on your system. If you aren’t sure about a water softener cleaner or soaps to use, an expert can guide you here.

  • Spot issues before it becomes a costly issue 

A professional can tell if your system requires maintenance or repairs before it breaks down. Sometimes cleaning alone does not prevent issues but if your soap won’t lather properly, your water begins to taste different or if your water pressure begins to slow, it’s best to book a service. A professional will find the root cause of the issues and fix them for you. 

Water assessment

Water softener maintenance is easily done by a water treatment expert. Aqua Soft professionals perform a Monthly Regeneration Service and can provide water assessments for you to ensure that maintenance occurs when needed. Our team can schedule maintenance for your water softener equipment every month to get optimum efficiency and to preserve the life of the media in your tanks.

If it is time to service your water softeners, give our water treatment specialists a call today!