There are many reasons why you should invest in a water softener. Water softeners improve your water quality and enhance the functionality of water-using appliances. Investing in a water softener is also an investment in your health and overall quality of life. Here are some ways in which water softeners can improve your life.

Improve your water quality

Hard water (or regular tap water) can be smelly and have a chemical taste due to excess mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium. A water softener system removes these hard minerals through a process of ion exchange and regeneration. Contaminants are also removed through the water filtration system. Water softeners improve the smell and taste of your water through this exchange. The result is an overall improvement in your water quality and clean water for you and your family. 

If you find yourself needing lots of detergents, or find soap scum on your dishes, hard water may be the cause for that too. Soft water reduces soap scum and requires less soap to build up a good lather for shower purposes or dishwashers. 

Better water throughout the home

Excess minerals such as magnesium ions in hard water can cause problems throughout your home. It can cause the glassware to become brittle, reducing the lifespan of appliances, and even cause issues with your pipes and water heater. Investing in a water softener will reduce the number of hard ions in your water throughout your home and keep your appliances in good condition for longer. 

Apart from causing issues in your kitchen and pipes, hard water can also affect your skin and hair’s pH level, leaving it dry. Soft water can restore the pH levels and give you shinier hair and clearer skin. You’ll also find yourself using less shampoo and conditioners, saving you on costs.

More comfortable clothing

Hard water also affects the clothing you wear. The excess of minerals can damage threads and make clothes look tattered and torn. Removing these minerals from your water will make your clothing look good and feel comfortable for longer – saving you money on shopping. You’ll also find yourself needing less soap and laundry detergent, which will add to your savings.

With all the advantages of a water softener, it is not hard to see why it is a great investment. From cleaner clothes to better skin and hair and long-lasting appliances – you can improve every part of your life with a water softening system. If you are looking for a reliable system of the highest premium quality, Kinetico Water Systems are your best bet. Aqua Soft has a range of Kinetico products for you to choose from according to your water softener needs.

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