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Everything You Need To Know About Well Water Treatment

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Most Americans are accustomed to getting their water from municipal supply. However, there are still plenty of households across the country, especially in rural and low-density areas, that rely on private wells for their water.

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Using a well is actually a great way to source water. Provided the well continues to yield good, potable water, a household can reduce its costs and its dependency on public supply systems. However, the groundwater that comes from wells often contains a number of contaminants that makes it less than ideal for drinking. It can also have other issues that can yield some undesirable side effects for washing and other functions. It is often necessary to use some sort of well water treatment system to make sure that your groundwater is of the highest possible quality.

The Most Common Problems With Well Water Systems

Let’s take a closer look at the problems that commonly occur with well water systems. If you frequently make use of well water, you may notice one or more of the following signs:


  • Scaling, soap scum, spotting: The water found in wellsWell Water Systems is often quite hard, that is to say, it contains relatively high concentrations of minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates. While this is not necessarily a bad thing for drinking water, it can be undesirable when the water is put to other uses. It can lead to scaling or lingering soap scum on faucets, drains, showerheads and tubs.It can also leave spots on dishes after washing.
  • Stains in sinks and tubs: Well water can leave rust stains in sinks and tubs sometimes. This is an indication of high iron content in your water.
  • Strange tastes or smells: Depending on the chemical content of your groundwater, you may notice odd, even unappealing tastes and smells, which can make drinking, cooking and even showering or bathing with it rather unpleasant.
  • Dry scalp or skin after bathing or showering: Hard water can lead to issues such as dull hair and dry skin. It can also damage your plumbing fixtures.
  • Discoloration or cloudy appearance: Sediment, turbidity or suspended solids can all cause your water to take on a milky appearance or to look discolored and sandy.
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Top Tips For Good Well Water Filtration And Cleaning
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The first step in ensuring high-quality well water is to have your well checked and tested at least once a year. You need to monitor the cleanliness of the water and make sure that any possible sources of contamination are kept at a distance. For example, septic tanks, livestock yards, and leach fields should be at least 50 feet away from your wellhead. Petrol tanks and manure storage should be kept at a minimum distance of 100 feet. 

Aside from being careful to keep all possible sources of contamination away from your well, and testing the quality of your water each year, it is also advisable to use some form of filtration or treatment to improve the water’s chemical composition and potability. There are several different methods you can use to do so, including filtration systems that use either chemical processes or physical barriers to remove contaminants. You could choose countertop filters, under-sink filters, or water softeners. Before choosing a treatment method, test your water and determine exactly what is needed to make it suitable. 

The Benefits of Using Softening Systems for Well Water

If your main concern with your well water is that it is too hard, andwater filtration system thus marking and damaging your clothing, dishes and plumbing fixtures, then you could consider installing a softening system. By softening your water, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Softer, healthier skin: Hard water is not known for being kind to the skin. By removing the minerals from the water, softeners make it much gentler, meaning your skin will feel softer and less dry after bathing or showering.
  • Clothes look cleaner and last longer: Softer water is also kinder to your clothing. Hard water has a way of drying out fabrics, making them rougher and harsher in texture over time. It can also leave mineral build ups on clothing that can’t be removed. Softening your water will eliminate these problems.
  • Stronger, healthier hair: Hard water has the same effect on hair as it does on skin. Using softened water to wash will result in hair that is simply softer, healthier and stronger.
  • Better tasting drinking water: Hard water is not a bad choice for drinking water, as it often contains minerals that are beneficial. However, many people dislike the taste of it. When you soften your water, the minerals that cause those unusual flavors are removed, making the water easier and more pleasant to drink.
  • Longer-lasting plumbing and appliances: With soft water, you won’t get any scale buildup in your pipes, faucets and kitchen appliances. 
  • Cleaner dishes: Soft water will clean your dishes without leaving any streaks or residue – as hard water is known to do.
  • Soft water can save you money: Hard water can make your heating appliances work harder and thus use more energy – costing you more in electricity at the end of the month. Take your hot water tank, for example. If you habitually store hard water in your water heater, calcium deposits are likely to build up on the inside walls of the tank. Calcium is a bad heat conductor, so the more it builds up, the harder the heating element will have to work to bring the water to the desired temperature. With soft water, you can reduce energy consumption and bring those costs down.
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Things To Consider Before Using Reverse Osmosis For Well Water
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A reverse osmosis filtration system can be an ideal solution for filtering water from your well. Whole-house reverse osmosis systems are commonly used in homes that make use of well water that is compromised by numerous contaminants. For example, water that contains significant levels of chemicals such as nitrates or arsenic can be treated only with reverse osmosis. 

The only way to know if your water needs to be treated by reverse osmosis is to start with a thorough test of your well water. Many of the contaminants that pose the biggest threat to your family’s health are undetectable except through chemical testing. If your main concern is that your well water has a strong smell or a metallic taste, or is somewhat discolored, there are simpler filtration methods you can use. Conduct a rigorous test on your water’s organic, chemical and metallic composition. A full test will identify any particularly dangerous chemicals, such as pesticides, ammonia, arsenic or cyanide, all of which can be filtered out with reverse osmosis. Before choosing reverse osmosis, therefore, take a sample of your well water and send it to a state or nationally certified laboratory for testing. At these facilities, the water is subjected to the same tests conducted on municipal water supplies or bottled water.


The Benefits Of Using a RO System For Well Water

Why choose an RO system for your well water? Here are six key benefits of reverse osmosis for well water:


  • RO effectively removes even the most toxicBenefits Of Using a RO System For Well Water of contaminants: RO systems have been proven to be exceptionally effective at completely removing the most problematic contaminants, including lead, mercury and arsenic, along with less worrisome chemicals such as sodium, sulfates, calcium, fluorides and chlorides.
  • RO is energy efficient: RO does not require any electricity to operate. It works on the pressure of your water supply and does not have an impact on your energy bills at all.
  • You can get clean water on demand with RO: Once an RO system is installed, it requires no further operation from you. All you have to do if you want clean, filtered water, is turn on your faucet.
  • RO systems also remove minerals that make water hard: Water filters can’t really replace softeners. When you choose filtration over softening, you are prioritizing clean water over soft water. Having said that, RO, unlike other filtration systems, will actually remove many of the chemicals that make water hard – so at least, you know that your faucets will be protected, and your skin and hair will be kept healthy. If you like, you can always install a softener as well at a later stage.
  • You can save money: With RO, you can stop buying bottled water. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much cheaper it is to filter your well water with RO, rather than purchasing gallons of bottled water.
  • Your food will taste better: The minerals and chemicals in untreated water (even ruling out the toxic ones mentioned above) can affect your diet by altering the taste of your food. When you use RO-filtered water to cook, you will notice that your food will start to taste better.
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How Effective Are Well Water Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective filtration systems available. It works exceptionally well at removing almost all of the chemical contaminants that are known to mar the healthiness and flavor of water. RO filters can remove up to 99% of lead, asbestos, and around 100 other contaminants. So effective are these systems that, in communities around the world where they have been rolled out, the local authorities have stopped advising residents to boil their water.


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